Add-on Milling

Realizing untapped potential

Immerse yourself in the world of CNC milling technology with Secret Ear Designer and produce earmolds from novel materials such as silicones and thermoplastics. Using a 5-axis milling machine and a 3D printer, you will be able to produce 100% of your earmolds in automated processes. The add-on Milling allows you to realize decisive growth in production.

Specifically, it permits optimizing the alignment of the earmold in relation to the blanks directly in Secret Ear Designer. This ensures that maximum undercut angles and canal directions are maintained and that the height of the earmolds does not exceed the height of the blanks used.

All milling machines in the market are supported.

The add-on Milling makes proposals for possible orientations of the earmold based on the milling parameters.

The precise values are provided for each proposal so that you can undertake the fine adjustments.

Do you want to know more about this groundbreaking technology and the add-on Milling? You can get more information and a free 30-day test license using our contact form.