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Cyfex releases version 5 of the Secret Ear System

New features are among others:

- double computation speed
- new user interface with optimized status information, more expressive icons and consistent color scheme
- central configuration and rights management
- preview calculation for accelerated RIC modeling
- computer-aided superimposition and comparison of models
- enhanced, more flexible DROP tool with memory function  
- export of faceplate cutting lines for ITEs
- image-assisted reporting of print jobs (Secret Ear Builder)

"Version 5 is a quantum leap in the history of the Secret Ear System" says Sales Manager Peter Muhlethaler. "Our customers will encounter a software with massive improvements as to speed, configuration and RIC modeling. But also the other major and minor enhancements have the potential to make a decisive impact on work in the earmold laboratory." 

Availability: Version 5 is available for download as of today. If you are interested, please contact us at