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EUHA 2022: Workflow Innovations

As in the previous year, the International Industry Exhibition for Hearing Aid Acousticians took place in Hanover, Germany. EUHA 2022 was very busy and the number of visitors was on a pre-pandemic level.

The news at the Cyfex booth met with lively interest from both existing customers and other visitors. We were proud to show the Secret Ear System’s fully automated modeling and platform preparation for the first time. Visitors were able to see how the system performed the modeling on a large selection of ear scans in fully automated fashion and then, again fully automatically, placed the earmold models on the virtual printing platform.

Version 5.4, which will be released in spring 2023, will include among other things the following new key features:

Innovations in Secret Ear Designer

  • A preview of the earmold for the selected style is automatically calculated as soon as modeling starts, enabling a strong reduction or even elimination of manual interactions. At the same time, quality is guaranteed at the maximum level.
  • The biogeneric AI has been optimized with hundreds of thousands of ear impressions and thus substantially improved.
  • Tip modeling has been massively enhanced, among other things the tip automatically adapts in its dimensions and its orientation. Predefined tips can be modeled in the Shape Manager.
  • Thanks to additional linking options, users can henceforth use all construction elements as links. This eliminates the need for numerous manual edits.
  • Reference points for links can now also be defined on shapes in the Shape Manager. For example, the positions of canal openings on tip geometries can be predefined, making manual positioning unnecessary.

Innovations in Secret Ear Builder

  • Builds can be assembled automatically, altogether without human intervention. Several build jobs can be worked on simultaneously.

We will consistently and continuously develop the Secret Ear System further in the direction of the greatest possible automation. However, this will always allow for "human intervention" at any time, guaranteeing the high quality of all earmolds.

Do you have questions or feedback about the Secret Ear System? Please contact us!