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Release of Version 5.1 of the Secret Ear System

Dear Customer

At the end of June Cyfex released the new version 5.1 of the Secret Ear System. Key features had been presented earlier to an extended audience at the EUHA trade exhibition in October last year.

Secret Ear Designer's new features make it easier for modeling technicians to do their daily work. Highlights:

  • Four new work steps were equipped with Preview functionality, i.e. a preliminary view of a provisional final result is available right from the start of a modeling job.
  • Multiple work steps are more conveniently editable.
  • Especially for soft injection molds a function to create a "mold release seam" or tear line was added.
  • Shape Manager: Various enhancements were made.
  • Shape Explorer: Available shapes are more clearly arranged in the main view of Secret Ear Designer and searching and selecting shapes has become easier.
  • Casting Sprue: The positioning of vents (to prevent air bubbles) can be linked to previously placed vents.
  • The Clipping Plane is now available in almost all work steps.

Highlights of the new Secret Ear Builder version:

  • The baseplate can be cropped if the platform cannot be filled completely with earmold models. Advantage: Less resin is needed.
  • Models can be cloned. Advantage: time savings in special cases (e.g. when manufacturing sample earpieces)
  • Related models can be manipulated together (left and right earmold, cloned models).
  • Extended PDF report (printed barcode, automated opening of the report, file path configuration)

Secret Ear Viewer

  • We are proud to present Secret Ear Viewer as the new child of the Secret Ear System family. Details can be found here.

Would you like to test the abovementioned applications? Call us on +41 44 316 62 70 or write to us at look forward to hearing from you.