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Release of Version 5.2 of the Secret Ear System

Also this year, Cyfex is pleased to announce the release of a new Secret Ear System version.

The most important new Secret Ear Designer functions are:

  • All construction steps can now be pre-calculated for preview. As of version 5.2 also the calculations of the steps Sound Canal, Vent Canal, Labeling and Casting Label can be displayed in earlier construction steps.
  • The construction tool Cut has been considerably extended. To name only a few enhancements: Cuts across the entire mold and lateral cuts are possible and can be saved in the template. There is also a preview for Cut.
  • Ear scans: Colors and annotations can be displayed.
  • Shape Manager: Among other things, shape components can be copied and pasted across shapes.
  • The orientation of the sprue added in step Casting Sprue can be set as output orientation of the export file.
  • Beside the development of these and other innovations, a number of bugs reported by customers have been fixed.

To enable customers to have a better overview over the Secret Ear licenses in use and their expiration dates, the license management has been removed from the individual applications and has been transferred to a new small and lean application called Secret Ear License Manager.

Do you have any questions regarding the mentioned improvements? Please write to us using the contact form.

The Cyfex Team