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Release of Version 5.3 of the Secret Ear System

Cyfex announces the release of version 5.3 of the Secret Ear System as of 16 March 2022.

The most significant enhancements in Secret Ear Designer are the following:
• The Cut Tool has been further improved. It is more stable, can (again) be used multiple times and, new, alternately with the Drop Tool.
• The Drop Tool, too, can as of now be used alternately with the Cut Tool.
• The swapping of templates during the modeling process has been simplified thanks to new buttons. Furthermore, template changes are saved in the history.
• The Shape Manager’s search capabilities have been extended.
• Menu Visibility: The anatomical features and the assembly parts can be hidden and unhidden more quickly.
• The payment dialog can be turned off.
• In the scanner settings, there is a new property for virtual dipwaxing to compensate for differences in scanner technologies before users start the modeling process.
• Version 5.3 is optimized for Windows 11 and Secret Ear Designer starts up faster.
• Bugfixing and workflow optimization

The most significant improvements in Secret Ear License Manager are the following:
• Online licence activation with existing dongle: The technical procedure for installing a new license on an existing dongle, which has been valid for many years, has been massively simplified for licenses of the type “365” and counterdongle. Now the dongle communicates directly with the Cyfex server. (Only possible if an Internet connection exists.)
• Version 5.3 is optimized for Windows 11.
• Lizense information can be searched.

The most significant enhancements in Secret Ear Viewer are the following:
• Compatibility with Secret Ear Designer 5.3
• The visibility of assembly parts can be switched on or off summarily.
• Improved support of monaural cases

Do you have any questions regarding the mentioned improvements? Please call us on +41 44 974 51 70, +41 44 316 62 70 or write to us at

Your Cyfex Team