Cyfex EUHA Stand 2019


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Successful EUHA 2019

The International Hearing Aid Industry Exhibition that took place in Nuremberg this year was once again marked by lively discussions between exhibitors, customers and interested parties. Also at the Cyfex booth where highlights of the upcoming version 5.1 of the Secret Ear System were presented, knowledge and ideas were exchanged in a pleasant atmosphere. Visitors appreciated being able to talk directly to the developers. This facilitates the transfer of know-how and is rare in the IT industry.

Version 5.1 builds on and consistently perfects the precalculated preview introduced in version 5. New: Also the casting step and the setting of sprues are taken into account. This considerably shortens and simplifies the work steps in Secret Ear Designer. On top of that, the integrated Shape Manager offers new functions and simplified management of shapes. Furthermore, in close cooperation with the resin manufacturer Detax, a "tear seam" for eggshell casting molds was presented for the first time.

Finally, the youngest child of the Secret Ear System family, Secret Ear Viewer, was shown to the public. Secret Ear Viewer, with which modeled earmolds as well as casting molds can be viewed with the usual display options (initial, waxed and working model), is intended primarily to support lab employees that are not modeling technicians, such as quality managers. The release of version 5.1 is planned for spring 2020.

Were you unable to attend EUHA and do you have any questions about our software product range? Please write to us using the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Cyfex Hearing-Team