Objective, metric processes increase security during each diagnosis or follow-up examination

OraCheck supplements the conventional assessment with valuable three-dimensional information. A comparison of the most recently scanned image with an image that was taken at a previous point in time facilitates precise assessment of changes. For this purpose, OraCheck uses the most current and diversely optimized superimposition techniques in order to obtain a result that is aligned to the dentistry objectives. An example of the possibilities and the simple application of OraCheck can be best seen in our demo video.

OraCheck generally facilitates the comparison of two dental or mandibular scans taken using CEREC or inLab. There could be various areas of application, examples of which are listed below:

Loss of hard tooth substance
Monitoring of the intraoral loss of hard tooth substance abrasions, erosions and dental fractures.

Monitoring of gingival changes: recessions, swellings and thickening.

Documentation of treatment results and healing processes.

Tooth movement and tooth drift
Detection and quantification of tooth movement and tooth drift.

Selective milling or substance removal
Monitoring of tooth grinding or substance removal during preparation.