The most modern analysis software - this allows changes in the mouth to be objectively and precisely evaluated.

OraCheck is new high-end software for the superimposition and subsequent differential analysis of intraoral and extraoral, three dimensional dental surface scans. The data sets are transferred directly from CEREC or inLab software.

The application enables a comfortable, intuitive and quick analysis and stands out because of its high degree of automation. Chronological changes or controls between the desired and actual conditions can be detected with high accuracy and high spatial resolution - an indispensable, objective resource during diverse treatment decisions and for documentation of changes.

To get an initial impression of how OraCheck works and is applied, you can have a look at our demo video.

Ordered and intuitive patient archiving

Data transfer directly from CEREC
3D scan data is transferred directly from CEREC or inLab into OraCheck.

Scans taken at different times are collected into a composition.

Automatic and quick superimposition of the selected images.

Visual and quantitative metric evaluation options for the 3D differential images.

OraCheck shows me exactly what has actually changed. I simply can’t do without this information anymore.

Prof. Albert Mehl, Zurich