Process integration offers decisive advantages

No matter what system you use – a database or a simple file system – the essential thing is that like ERP-Link it comes with an XML interface. In this manner, workstations can be connected, production processes can be controlled and a seamless integration between order administration and lab is achieved. Unprecedented efficiency gains can be realized by improving the workflow and eliminating duplication of work.

The sky is the limit (almost). ERP-Link is open and you can address and analyze the Secret Ear System’s existing components and parameters according to your preferences. Keywords are, for example, the traceability of orders, the remake rate or the coordination of print jobs.

Distributed Production

Distributed production

Management of globally distributed production is within reach, too: Lean and cost-effective ERP-Link makes powerful ERP systems even more powerful and can thus become an important element of corporate wide quality assurance – and crucial for the competitive position of your enterprise.

Would you like to know if the above-mentioned benefits of ERP-Link hold true in your system landscape? Contact us, we will be pleased to give you more information about the software and put at your disposal detailed documentation as well as a test version of the application.