Bridging the gap between Accounting and Production

Thanks to ERP-Link an improved integration of Secret Ear Scanner, Secret Ear Designer and Secret Ear Builder with existing order administration systems can be achieved.

A standardized XML interface permits writing to the Secret Ear System application and allows for back transfer of modified modeling and order parameters. If during the modeling process it becomes clear, for example, that an electronics component does not fit in the ear and must be replaced, automatic reconciliation in the ERP is carried out. Laborious manual rectification is unnecessary and order billing is facilitated.

As a result of the modularity of ERP-Link it is possible that order data can be exchanged between the existing ERP system and each Cyfex application separately. Does the scanner need triggering, for example? Do parameters belonging to a specific order await transferral to Secret Ear Designer? Does a print job need configuring? Each of these production steps can be addressed directly from the ERP system.

No matter what system you use – a database or a simple file system – the essential thing is that like ERP-Link it comes with an XML interface. In this manner, workstations can be connected, production processes can be controlled and a seamless integration between order administration and lab is achieved exactly where it is appropriate.

Process integration provides decisive benefits

The sky is the limit (almost). ERP-Link is open and you can address and analyze the Secret Ear System’s existing components and parameters according to your preferences. The order statuses – prerequisite for a lean and efficient workflow - are continually kept up to date, for example. If your ERP system possesses the necessary functions and modules, you can reach perfect integration of the production and the business side of your company. Production relevant statistics (example ‘remake rate’) or the traceability of orders by means of barcode become child’s play.

Distributed production

Management of globally distributed production is within reach, too: Lean and cost-effective ERP-Link makes powerful ERP systems even more powerful and can thus become an important element of corporate wide quality assurance – and crucial for the competitive position of your enterprise.

Would you like to know if the above-mentioned benefits of ERP-Link hold true in your system landscape? Contact us via our contact form, we will be pleased to give you more information about the software and put at your disposal detailed documentation as well as a test version of the application.