Seamless integration with your ERP system

Thanks to ERP-Link an improved integration of Secret Ear Designer, Secret Ear Builder, Secret Ear Viewer and Secret Ear Scanner with existing order administration systems can be achieved.

A standardized XML interface permits writing to the Secret Ear System application and allows for back transfer of modified modeling and order parameters. If during the modeling process it becomes clear, for example, that an electronics component does not fit in the ear and must be replaced, automatic reconciliation in the ERP is carried out. Laborious manual rectification is unnecessary and order billing is facilitated.

As a result of the modularity of ERP-Link it is possible that order data can be exchanged between the existing ERP system and each Cyfex application separately.

Thanks to Cyfex we managed to optimize our order-processing therewith increasing control, quality and productivity.

Werner Schijvenaars, Production Engineer, Elacin International BV

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