Our clients benefit from reduced unit costs

Digital technology offers you higher quality and thus less and uncomplicated remakes. Thanks to high performance, you can obtain higher output with the same number of employees. In addition, you have the advantage of being able to develop your own products and have a tool at your disposal to create your own construction data.

All earmold styles
With just one Secret Ear Designer license you can design IdO and HdO earmolds, as well as ear protection and in-ear-monitors, including molds for soft earmolds.

Intuitive interface
Thanks to easier handling, employees are in a position to model earmolds that they have designed independently and in detail after a few hours of training.

Time savings
On the basis of easily adjustable product templates the required modeling steps can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

ERP connectivity
Two-way transfer of parameters between order management system and Secret Ear Designer by means of ERP-Link.

Compatibility with output media
The application is compatible with all 3D printing technologies available on the market as well as with milling centers for subtractive production.

Flexible shape design
For maximum independence and creative freedom, construction elements can be autonomously imported and/or designed.

Would you like more information on the range of functions or to test our software without obligations for 30 days? Contact us. You can also reach us by phone on +41 44 974 51 70.