Modeling in 3D is the future for specialists

When supplying hearing aids, coupling to the ear is a decided factor for success. The holding function, the acoustic tuning, such as the AOV (acoustically optimized venting) and horn effects for supplying high tones ideally supplement modern hearing aid technology.

Fewer remakes, less aftercare, long-term satisfaction of clients: The products from Cyfex AG are an important component of our expert competency.

Stefan Braun, C.A. Beck Hearing Aid Acoustics Albstadt-Ebingen

Even today, acoustic specialists design the earmolds for their client orders themselves. They want to be able to monitor the quality of the earmolds themselves, so that the end-users are truly satisfied - and remain satisfied in the long-term. Acoustic specialists know their clients: Only they can assess the ear tissues, pressure points and leaks. At best, the end-client brings along an old pair of earmolds. Thanks to Secret Ear Designer, the modeling software from Cyfex, acoustic specialists can involve their clients in the design. They can even test which electronics are suited to the in-ear-shell and which are not.

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