Obvious plus points

Decide which components are of the greatest benefit to you! Cyfex offers you elements with which you can round out your laboratories.

What our clients value in Cyfex products, among others:

Low costs
You can design all construction forms with only one license. In addition to affordable investment costs, the running costs are also low: Service and support are markedly reasonably priced compared to the norm.

Reduced need for training
Thanks to intuitive graphic user interfaces, employees are rapidly introduced to working with the Secret Ear System.

Ultrafast design process
RICs, ear protection, ITEs: The streamlined design process saves time, increasing your productivity and competitiveness.

Data exchange with ERP system
The Secret Ear System allows for automated two-way transfer of earmould parameters between your ERP system and Secret Ear Designer.

Do you have any questions? We will gladly answer them! Our products offer several other benefits that we would be happy to present to you. Please contact us.