Effortless digital manufacturing

While various printing processes have emerged over the course of generative manufacturing of earmolds, in the past few years has been a strong tendency towards Digital Light Projection (DLP). Thanks to molds, soft silicone earmolds can be also be indirectly produced. DLP printers are faster and better priced than printers that use other processes, both in terms of acquisition and in maintenance. When considered overall, the DLP process offers several advantages with low unit costs.

With the Secret Ear System we increased the quality of our earmoulds. Since the ear impressions are automatically saved, previous orders can be reproduced in just a few hours. Cyfex is a competent partner we love to work with.

Tobias Waldburger, Production Manager, Otoplastic AG, St. Gallen

On the basis of a licensing model that is aligned to individual requirements, clients have the largest possible investment security at their disposal. Our close cooperation with a printer manufacturer guarantees that the clients of a generative manufacturing line receive the A to Z of high quality available on the market.

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