Well positioned for digital manufacturing

Digital manufacturing has arrived in the hearing aid industry. The use of CAD/CAM technology, which to date has only been used in industrial manufacture is now also beneficial for laboratories and acoustic specialists.

Whether hearing aids, in-ear-monitoring or ear protection: In all cases, the earmold can be manufactured less expensively and at a higher quality than before using modeling software and 3D printers in serial production. Thin, easy and shatterproof materials are coming into use. Thanks to modeling software, the end-client can be presented with a precisely fitting and thus comfortable earmold. Computer-assisted, streamlined processes in the laboratory allow larger production amounts.

Thanks to the Secret Ear Designer software we were able to develop a new, optimized production process for our THERMOtec® earmolds.

Claus-Peter Bartels and Lothar Müssig, Managing Directors at HEBA-OTOPLASTIK Labortechnik + Einrichtungs GmbH & Co. KG