Improving quality

Secret Ear Viewer has been conceived to support employees who are involved in quality assurance in the broadest sense and need to examine already modeled orders (.SED files) closely. Do the parameters correspond to the order? Does the design comply with the manufacturer's specifications and internal requirements? These and similar questions can be answered with Secret Ear Viewer before the model is 3D printed. Even after the 3D printing of the earmold, Secret Ear Viewer is advantageous; for example when assembling in-the-ear earmolds.

Secret Ear Viewer ITE shell

Secret Ear Viewer is a valuable tool for many fields of application. Whether in customer service, in quality control or in assembly; with Secret Ear Viewer the customer is able to do time-saving visual inspections of modeled earpieces.

Peter Mühlethaler, Sales Manager, Cyfex
Peter Muehlethaler, Sales Manager Cyfex

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