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Customers who have purchased a limited or unlimited Secret Ear Designer licence can participate in a free Secret Ear Designer seminar at Cyfex in Zurich, Switzerland. The training lasts between two and four hours.

Our basic course includes the following modules (in coordination with the customer):

  • working with the Secret Ear Designer software
  • working with the Secret Ear Builder software
  • scanning ear impressions with a scanner
  • creating your own earmould construction data (templates)
  • hands-on exercises

In addition to our basic courses, we also offer the following fee-based training services:

Furthermore, we integrate your unique construction data by means of tailored templates (on a time and effort basis).

Please contact us using the contact form or call us directly on +41 44 974 51 70.

The training venue is located in the Cyfex offices at Siewerdtstrasse 8 in Zürich Oerlikon, in the immediate vicinity of the Oerlikon train station. The layout can be seen here.