Digital Manufacture of Earmolds

The digital production of earmolds is child’s play with the Secret Ear System from Cyfex

Good earmolds provide a service inconspicuously. Through their shape and their material, they fulfill multiple requirements - acoustics and comfort, among others - and they often contain electronic components. Are you not pleased to see your customers with a smile on their lips, happy about their earmolds? You can rely on the Secret Ear System with regards to quality and the satisfaction of your clients.

My System

Cyfex can give you a precise answer to the question “What do I need in order to implement my plans in the field of digital manufacture of earmolds”. The Secret Ear System presents the optimal solution for all target groups: from hearing aid manufacturers to acoustic specialists.

We’ll see you around!

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We are very satisfied with the products and the technical support from Cyfex.

Didier Defez, CEO Prod’Embout Technologies, Créteil, France