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The Cyfex audio applications provide a robust suite of automated features designed to enhance and simplify the entire process of earmold CAD/CAM production. Automation is seamlessly integrated at multiple levels within the system. These levels include automation within the individual applications themselves, within the interactions between these applications, and in the seamless integration with the customer's existing systems.

Principally, three automation levels can be distinguished. From BASIC over INTEGRATED to the level of FULL AUTOMATION, at each stage customers can leverage the system‘s robust algorithms and seamless interactions between the various components.

Cyfex Levels of Automation

The most salient automation features of the BASIC LEVEL include Secret Ear Designer's Biogeneric AI and the product templates (embodying your earmold styles) as well as Secret Ear Builder's capability to assemble build platforms all of its own. 

With the INTEGRATED LEVEL a commonly encountered divide is bridged: the gap between the productive laboratory software and the business software used in sales and accounting. Fast data management, reduction of errors and the certification of your workflows are the benefits.

Cyfex Levels of Automation

The FULL LEVEL harnesses in Secret Ear Designer's add-on "Unattended Execution". This means that earmold design takes place without user interaction being necessary. The tool opens Secret Ear Designer in the background, loads the ear scans, applies the template, saves the result and exports the finished models as STL files. The quantitative performance of the tool depends solely on the computing power of the workstation on which it is used and is thus fully scalable.

Cyfex Robot



The scan serves as starting point for the modeling process. Digital tools are employed to modify it, resulting in a file that is an image of the completed earmold, ready to be transmitted to a 3D printer.

Move the slider to compare the scan and the preview of the completed custom-fit design.


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