3D Acquisition

Sensors as interfaces to the real world

In recent years, awareness of the capabilities of 3D camera systems among the general public continues to increase thanks to 3D cinema and inexpensive apps for now-ubiquitous smart phones. It has since become easily possible to convert information from digital cameras into 3D models using low-cost systems.  This technology is not only used in research and industry, but also frequently in the entertainment industry.  The requirements and costs of the systems are highly variable due to the different applications, from quality control to promotional videos.

The employees of Cyfex AG have experience with all types of sensor systems from both their university education and their practical work. Even optical scanner technologies are highly variable, depending primarily on the size of the objects to be scanned and on their accessibility. We support current clients during the real-time (imaging) acquisition of teeth, dentures and also of auditory canals. The products resulting therefrom are widespread throughout the market and are used daily by a large number of users.

3D data can also be extracted from videos. These are typically not as exact as when using specialized camera systems, but the availability is very high with webcams and mobile phone cameras. We have developed a system that allows the real-time analysis of videos and the subsequent creation of a virtual model. This allows the digitalization of an object within a few seconds, for example, and subsequent release with the appropriate apps on websites or smartphones.  Thanks to this technology, even profile photos in social media could be three dimensional animations.

We will gladly support you during the technology decision-making process for a scan system.  Software development for the calibration of the scan system or for the digitization of the data in real-time is also possible at any time. Please get in touch with us if we have piqued your interest in this regard.